Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blog Tour: The Vampire, The Hunter, and The Girl

(I apologize for not posting this yesterday, I was sick and vomiting. I have written notes and stuff though, and so here is the blog tour!)

        So I was chosen by Xpresso Book Tours  to read this book and give an honest review on it! My rating is 2 out of 5 stars. 
       This book is about a vampire named Adam, a vampire hunter names Jesus, and a girl named Olivia. Both boys like the girl, but obviously hate each other. The girl is trying to write a vampire novel but can't get any ideas. So she makes a deal with a vampire. 
       The structure of the vampire world is much like in twilight, honestly. They can eat, they just don't because it's inconvenient, they always have money and don't care what they spend it on, they aren't allowed to hunt, there are feeding stations, and there's someone who "enforces" the "laws" but no vampire knows who that is. 
       The hunter, Jesus, we know everything about from the get go. We get a couple of chapters of his entire life. From crossing the border to losing his parents and friend, and then we get a whole chapter dedicated to his training in Jiu Jitsu! Unnecessary in my opinion, so I just skipped all those chapters after a while. 
       In general, the story wasn't that great because of one main reason: There's no suspense at all. The author gives you everything and you're not guessing anything at all because all the motives are painted on the sidewalk with neon paint. I felt no urge to come back to the book. No pull. There's other characters, and we get the entire backstory for Elowyn, a stripper. Then I read this sentence. 

"Pissing away the remnants of Johnson’s climax...."

      Honestly, I stopped reading the book after that sentence. 

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