Sunday, September 6, 2015

Blog Tour Review: The Wraith of Carter's Mill


The Wraith of Carter's Mill 
by C. Evenfall
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal suspense

An extremely cruel act by a family patriarch brings a terrible curse, an insidious wraith upon his family.

It haunts the Carter women for five generations until finally; Shyanne is born with remarkable and uncanny abilities. It will be up to her to uncover a shocking, long-buried family secret. She faces the daunting task of setting a century old wrong back to rights. Will she find a way to lift the curse and banish the wraith back to the spirit world? If Shyanne fails, she risks losing her little girl to the dark entity forever.

My Review:

So, I do like the fact that this is a collection of all the short stories. However, I DNF'ed this book. I just didn't have the time to finish it. I got to book three, finished that, and started the last one, but I can't do it in time.

What I did read, I really enjoyed! The first two stories felt a bit too formal and the wording didn't flow that well, but that's the only thing I really didn't like about it. Otherwise it was a great read! I was in love with each of the women that the book followed. I was intrigued by the spirits of the dead helping them out and guiding them. I think my favorite character has to be Old Isaiah. He's just such a wise man who's been through so much. 

I also liked how in book two, Shyanne was very perceptive of every little thing going on between her friends. It really did feel like she was a "sensitive" in more than one sense of the word. she picked up on small hints and saw things others didn't. I can also understand why she would want to shut out her "powers" after what happened at the party that night. I would too! 

The little girl on the intersection though.... that was never explained. I don't see how it could have been in the fourth story either. Who was she and why was she only ever there in the morning? I really was intrigued by that. 

The third story, "Forgotten" was my favorite out of all of them. Started off with action and heated emotions and things happening. It didn't start slow like the others. Then it keeps you in suspense with the disappearance of Shyanne and the daughter's coma. It had the perfect closure at the end too. I feel like it should have been the last story, not the third, because when I finished it, I thought "What else could possibly happen?" 

My Rating:

Four out of five stars! I will definitely be finishing this one soon.

About the Author:

C. Evenfall grew up on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. In many ways, her community was isolated from the outside world, and time simply stood still. The old ways of “doing things” surrounded her, and she was both fascinated by the rich history and influenced by it.

As with any such place, the area was rich with ghost lore and old tales of “people done wrong.” C. Evenfall, a child seen and not heard, hovered as close as she dared, listening to the old stories when the adults got together talking about old times. She also spent many nights with the sheet pulled over her head in childish fright.

A paranormal encounter when she was just six years old, experienced by two other people at the same time, convinced her that ghosts really did exist.  C. Evenfall has been seeking answers ever since. Her fascination with the unexplainable, coupled with her love of history and southern culture and the role women play in both, have inspired her to write The Wraith of Carter’s Mill, a series of novellas. Each inspired by tales from her childhood and the family members who passed them down.

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  1. Thank you Jennifer for hosting this stop on our VBT with Sage's Blog Tours. I am so impressed with your comprehensive review! You are the first reader/reviewer to even mention the dead girl standing on the corner of Market and College! When I saw that you noticed her, I was ecstatic! "The Forgotten" is really the last book in the story however, "Carter's Mill", the last segment of "The Wraith of Carter's Mill" is the back story for the series. If you loved Old Isaiah, you will love "Carter's Mill" where you get to know him as a young man, the origin of the curse and the rest of his family. Enjoy!